Monday, April 26, 2010

Homeschool Sleepover at VASC and How to Train a Dragon

I went to go see "How to Train a Dragon." It wasn't at just a regular old theater; it was at the mall. And after this, we're going to hear about the homeschool sleepover at the VASC. Now let's hear about the movie. At the first shot we were seeing men killing the dragons, but that's not what the ending was like. The ending was like taking care of the dragons. I thought that the movie was awesome! Toothless is not actually toothless. He has teeth, but they're just hiding under the gums. The boy's name was Hiccup.

At VASC, we slept in a kind of cool spaceship. We actually got to control it, and at the night, I used to get up and play with it. And we parked right next to Mars. My class was so good; I liked it super much. I made an astronaut, and I also made a spaceship, and I also got a book. I colored on it to make it's actually like that thing. I made a cool kind of helicopter, and when you just drop it from high heights, then it starts to spin, and I got to watch it go down -- it's so cool!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Best School

Today I went to a nice school. First we went to the farm and we saw three horses and two goats. And one of the goats liked me. And one of the horses had stepped on one of the cats' tail and broke some of it off. We fed them. Then we went in and we learned about 1. Then we got to create a sculpture. I made one that they liked, which you can see the picture up there.

The story was totally funny. It was about a little chicken who ate a big seed that makes the chicken cough. And there was an old chicken that told the other chicken not to eat it, but when he found one he gulped it down. And then that chicken went to a spring. He asked the spring, "May I please have some water? That little chicken was coughing." And then, the spring said "Get me a cup, then I can give you some water." So then, the little chicken went to a tree, and then said, "Can you please give me a cup? The little chicken is coughing." The tree said, "Shake me, then I will give you a cup." Then she went over to a boy. She said, "Can you please shake this tree, the little chicken is coughing." After she always says something to the different thing she goes to, she says "The little chicken is coughing." And the little boy said, "Give me some shoes. Then I'll go and shake the tree." Then she went over to the shoe maker. "Can you please give me some shoes? The little chicken is coughing." He said, "Get me some iron. Then I will give you some shoes." And then she went over to a dwarf. She said, "Can you please give me some iron? The little chicken is coughing." They went into the cave, and she took the iron to the shoe man, and he made shoes for the little boy, and she carried them over. He shook the tree, the tree gave the chicken a cup, the stream gave water, and then she took the cup to the little chicken.

My favorite part of the school today was the farm, and also making the sculpture.

(Mom says: Thank you to Tina at Elemental Meridian for her awesome Waldorf playgroup today!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Art of Glass 2 at the Chrysler Museum

Today, I went to the museum and I saw a lot of favorites of my own. Almost everything was my favorite. We mostly saw some statues and inside the statues, beside one, there was a dress and inside the dress was a human body and you couldn't see her arms and head. All you can see is inside the dress. That was half of my favorite, but most favorite is Endeavor. It looks like a city of fish.

I love the light sculpture too. That is also my favorite. It was light, with glass, and then it had beautiful colors coming out, like a star. And then we saw a glowing green pyramid with a kind of shape like an eye.

(This is Sadie's review of the exhibit. She is five. Click for info on Art of Glass 2: Lino Tagliapietra made Endeavor. The Green Eye of the Pyramid here. Karen Lamonte's glass dress here.)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Movie Review: UP

Hello. My name is Doug. Do you have a tail? Do you wag it? Hey, where are you going? Do I ever so want the ball! Oh boy! Oh boy! I'll go get the ball and bring it back. Hi there!

I loved the movie about me. And I have a team that has a shame cone! My master was training me tricks, which I already know. The best thing about the movie was we got to see some babies. Russell named a bird Kevin and it was a girl. I pretty much met Mr. Frankincense. You know, that old man? He did not know that I had a collar that could make me talk. Is there more words on this? That movie was very very long. I had to get my fur taped. Well, my leader dog had a funny voice. It was so funny I could laugh! And I think I got dog biscuits. I was in the movie too! Will you come with me to the movie theater? And I love that movie! Do you actually have a tail?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sadie's review of "Shoes," by Singer and Storyteller Susan Reed

Susan Reed, singer, storyteller, and Suzuki violin clinician, was Sadie's teacher at the workshop we attended in March. We bought one of Miss Susan's CDs and brought it home for Sadie to enjoy. She LOVES it. She listens to it in her CD player at night, and then totes it downstairs to listen to down here too! Here is her review:

For Miss Susan:

I like your songs. My favorite one is the first one, "Hello, how'd you do? Nice to be here with you!" I really like it. I also like the violin parts. I listen to it every night and sometimes every day. And thanks for teaching me. I bet someday I will be like you.


Susan Reed, performing at the STAHR workshop.

The CD Sadie is reviewing, "Shoes."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I love my mom because she's funny and tickles me a lot.
I love my mom because she lets us play playstation.
I love my mom because she lets us go to church and the grocery store.
I love my mom so much because she loves me!

Happy Mothers Day, Mom! I love you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sadie and the Cow

Once we were going strawberry picking. And I went to see a cow, which now we're talking about right now. It had a very dirty udder. It was very very dirty. But I did not care. The reason why I'm telling this is that I love cows! Cows make milk by eating grass. But grass is green and milk is white. I wonder how that happens. Maybe you should go to the strawberry farm and see that cow. Maybe it will be up and running around, or maybe it will be resting like we saw. But who cares? Well, I'm thinking on getting a cow. Because we just ran out of milk. And what we're talking about today is cows. But you know what I'm talking about, right? A dog named Leroy might get scared of that cow. Who cares about Leroy? Benny does. Do you think that a cow has just one stomach? It does not have one stomach! It has four stomachs. Every time it chews it goes down to the first stomach, and then comes back up again and then goes to the fourth. The cow has to eat some grass, and eat and eat and eat. And eat and eat. Like millions of grass. But not in one day -- in a hundred days, if it lives a hundred days. The end.